Diagramming Sentences: A Playful Way to Analyze Everyday Language Kindle Edition


Amy Lynn Hess (Author)



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This 12-chapter textbook teaches sentence diagramming from beginning concepts to advanced sentence structures. It was written and designed by an experienced teacher of Developmental English. The methods and lessons have been classroom tested, revised, and published here as a complete sentence diagramming textbook.

In addition to examples and explanations, there are 10 exercise sentences for students to study and diagram per chapter, and there are additional questions for review that cover all levels of the Taxonomy. Answer keys appear in the text! There are also four comprehensive quizzes included at the end of the text that can be used as pretests or exams.

Diagramming sentences is appropriate for language learners from age 9 to 99, making it a great tool for teachers, parents, students, and lifelong learners.

Need more? Look for the supplemental materials text called Additional Exercises for Diagramming Sentences. It contains 150 additional sentences and answer keys, comprehensive exercises, and additional examples that follow the main text, chapter by chapter.

Specific topics include simple and compound subjects and predicates, modifiers, direct and indirect objects, object complements, predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences, interrogative sentences, appositives, direct address, existential constructions, prepositions and prepositional phrases, gerunds and gerund phrases, noun and modifying clauses.

Professor Hess has been teaching English and Critical Thinking since 2008, developing, refining, and creating the materials contained in this book: twelve chapters packed full of illustrations, explanations, practice sentences, and review materials.

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Publisher : Gypsy Daughter (January 22, 2014)
Publication date : January 22, 2014
Language : English
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