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Welcome to Monster Bookstore.

If you want to buy any book, feel free to contact our customer service via email: The number of our books is not just the books listed in the bookstore, we have millions of books in our bookstore, which can help you find any books you want. We have the lowest prices online, and the best after-sales service.

The purpose of our bookstore is to provide college students with the best prices and help college students save a huge amount of money for books. Our e-books have different price ranges, but the price will never exceed $40. This is our sincerity. 

Every book purchased from us contains a link to access our DROPBOX. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

If you didn’t receive the file link automatically after you purchased the book! Please contact us via email listed above. We are very happy to help you. We will send you the file as soon as possible!

If you can’t find the book that you want to purchase in our website search engine, feel free to let us know. We can search up for you. Thank you for choosing our bookstore!

Your feedbacks and reviews can helps us make any improvement. Your positive reviews and satisfaction can encourage us to do more better. Please let us know if you have any comments. Wish you a happy experience and good time shopping!

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