Disruptive Classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education 1st Edition


Sonny Magana (Author)



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Have we developed, at considerable cost and effort, classrooms that are digitally rich but innovation poor? Timely and powerful, this book offers a new framework to elevate instructional practices with technology and maximize student learning. The T3 Framework helps categorize students’ learning as translational, transformational, or transcendent, sorting through the low-impact applications to reach high-impact usage. Teachers and leaders will find:

Examples of technology use at the translational, transformational, and transcendent levels

Activities, guides, and prompts for deeper learning

Evaluative rubrics to self-assess current technology use, establish meaningful goals, and track progress

This guide helps teachers and leaders realize the potential of modern teaching and learning tools to unleash students’ passion for limitless learning.

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“We need to build collaborative communities of students using the social media aspects of technology to change classroom conversations from monologue to dialogue, increasing student impact questions, and allowing errors. This is the core of Magana’s claims, and how we’ll see technology really make the difference we’re after!”

—John Hattie, Laureate Professor, Deputy Dean of MGSE,

Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute

“Fresh, innovative, and revolutionary, Magana′s T3 Framework promises to challenge the status quo and invite disruptive practices in educational technology.”

—Yong Zhao

Author, World Class Learners

“The T3 Framework is a brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning.”

—Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus

OISE/University of Toronto, Canada


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