Physics, 11th Edition by John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Johnson


John D. Cutnell (Author), Kenneth W. Johnson (Author), David Young (Author), Shane Stadler (Author)



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Physics 11E¬†provides students with the skills that they need to succeed in this course, by focusing on conceptual understanding; problem solving; and providing real-world applications and relevance.¬† Conceptual Examples, Concepts and Calculations problems, and Check Your Understanding questions help students to understand physics principles.¬† Math Skills boxes, multi-concept problems, and Examples with reasoning steps help students to improve their reasoning skills while solving problems.¬† ‚ÄúThe Physics Of‚ÄĚ boxes show students how physics principles are relevant to their everyday lives.

Available/sold separately,¬†WileyPLUS to accompany¬†Physics 11E¬†continues to build on rich multimedia enhancements that encourage student engagement. ORION, the adaptive study guide, diagnoses student‚Äôs strengths and weaknesses, leading them to the specific content and media needed to help them effectively learn. All ORION practice problems have hints and feedback. The course includes 259 short lecture videos, one for each course section, that explain the basic concepts and learning objectives. In addition, 150 Chalkboard problem-solving videos and guided online tutorials along with vector drawing questions enrich WileyPLUS. These features are designed to facilitate flipping the classroom, and to encourage students to remain within the WileyPLUS environment, as opposed to pursuing the ‚Äúpay-for-solutions‚ÄĚ websites and searching uncurated web content that short circuits and can confuse their learning process.


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